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Charcoal truck

Charred corn


Gas truck

Hitching a ride

Kids flying kites on the rooftops at Port au Prince

March 11th

Up around 7:00 and do the last bit of packing to get ready to leave and pack one bag with bags for the next trip. This takes a while so when we go for breakfast there are two pieces of mango and one hard boiled egg… One of the crew hadn’t eaten their second so we had one egg and one piece of mango each.

Then we unloaded the school supplies on the kitchen table which gave us a couple extra bags to pack, so back to the room. Already about 90. Lots of running around and confusion then the truck arrived to take the luggage down to the boat. Kitty and I lugged the bags down to the truck and flung them on, then walked down the very muddy road (heavy rain last night) followed by the normal range of kids. Wanted to take a shortcut but was told not to – then we had to turn around and take it anyway!

At the beach we had to get as much mod off our shoes as we could, then we got on the boat and sat in the front. And waited. And waited in the very hot sun. The rest of the crew eventually showed up (thy came down in the truck) and after a bunch of rearrangements and arrangements and rearrangements we finally set off on the 18 mile trip to the mainland.

As we said goodbye to the island we saw the two new hotels being built and realized that the whole island is going to change very soon – but not yet! We also saw a line of storms coming at us from the south. Luckily we outran them and the trip only took two hours. The closer we got to Les Cayes the more trash in the water.

Unloading was an issue as the sea had become quite rough but we struggled ashore without mishap. It seems I left my backpack back at the guesthouse but people saw it and brought it along. Then we got into two vans and drove through town to Nora’s house, had a bathroom break, then set off to “Port.” I was asked to sit in the front seat as I have long legs – and this time I got to use a seatbelt!

The trip was fairly uneventful as a six hour ride in a third world country can be. One stop where we had to pay to use the toilet and then all the way into Port a Prince.

Traffic in the city is always intense, and it was no different this time. We came across one three car accident and any number of traffic jams. Our driver tried a variety of short cuts, some of which worked. On these short cuts there seemed to be some effort to clean up the trash that is usually everywhere and many streets were quite clean.

We finally got to St. Michaels, the hotel for missionaries. We were given our rooms and unloaded our stuff. Kitty and I got a room in the main building and the rest of the crew got to sleep in the tower. We then had the luxury of an actual shower – cold water, but not in a bucket. Quite the relief!

After a quick beer on the roof (a tradition) we met for dinner with Jose – a Haitian who Adam helped get through law school, his wife and child, and two other Haitians who had contact with Adam and Sara on earlier trips. Jose presented Adam with a plaque thanking him (and Starfish) for all the help given him and Haiti.

After dinner we spent a little time on the roof but everyone was exhausted so we headed off to bed.

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