Florida 2017 travel blog

Me and my nightly wine

Our morning seranader. the mocking bird

Don, Honest Abe, Ursela, Andrea, and Sally

Today Sally went to church with Andrea. I drank coffee and watched TV. Then we then wasted several hours sitting at the RV. It is chilly here and we both are unmotivated. Later in the day I went fishing at the point and Sally went walking. I had 1 strike in 1 and 1/2 hours. Sally saw a deer on her walk that was only 20 feet away, she was able to get several pics of it with her phone. When we got through we came back to the camper and got ready to go out for supper. We decided on a Chinese buffet. It advertised over 300 items. I didn't believe that but I was surprised at the buffet size. I didn't count the items, but there were a great many things to choose from. It was the largest Chinese buffet I have been to. We got home about 8 o'clock. Of course I had my usual wine before retiring for the night. I do have a few remarks about this city. There are several planes that fly around the area with large advertising signs in tow. They seem to go so slow that it looks as if the plane will stall and fall out of the sky. One of the planes tows an advertisement for Trojan condoms. I was quite surprised to see that.

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