2017 Western Spring Fling travel blog

Main Street in Big Lake, TX

West Texas scenery

Wind turbines and highway sights

West Texas is oil country and there are pump jacks all over

What left of an old drive-in movie screen outside Crane, TX

Witty billboard in one small town

Main Street in Odessa, TX

Strange billboard for a junk yard

Exit off I20 for Monahans Sandhills

Road to the campground at Monahans Sandhills State park

Winnie at Site #11

View from the top of a dune

Sand tobogganing

The view out into the dune field

Another view

Moon rising

Color starting to pop after the sunset

I almost missed it

Evening settles in over the campground

We made a short excursion to Odessa, TX for some groceries and gas. before heading to Monahans Sandhills State Park yesterday. When we drove to find the site I had reserved, we found out it was on a hill making it difficult to level Winnie. I went back to the Ranger Station to see if I could change sites. Since it's spring break in West Texas, it seems that most of the sites would be taken for the 2 days we are here. After a little negotiating, I was able to find a spot that was more level and available for the days we're here. The campground is in the middle of the sand dunes, some of which are 70 feet tall. The dunes are a small portion of a huge dune field that extends about 200 miles from south of Monahans westward and north into New Mexico. Many of the visitors to the park come to sand toboggan. You can rent or buy saucers and toboggans at the Ranger Station. I don't think we will be doing any tobogganing though.

I spent some time walking up the dunes to get some pictures of the campground. Walking up the dune is hard work and reminded me of trying to hike to the primitive camping area in White Sands National Monument a couple of years ago. I'm getting too old to hike very far in loose sand. I hung around on top of one of the dunes until sunset, but the sky was mostly overcast and it looked like there wasn't going to be much color. As I was packing up, the sky exploded in color making for some nice photographs after all. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Stay tuned.

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