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Henderson Canyon

Henderson Canyon Desert Marigold and Heliotrope

Henderson Canyon Vista

Henderson Canyon Vista 2

Henderson Canyon Pink Flowers

Henderson Canyon Pink Flowers Up Close

Henderson Canyon Desert Chicory

Green Hill

Henderson Canyon Desert Lily

Tennis Warinka

Henderson Canyon Desert Lily 2

Henderson Canyon Sculpture

Tennis Fans Hiding from the Sun

Tennis Practice Courts

Tennis Practice Courts 2

Tennis Schiavone

Tennis Vandeweghe

Susan Ammons and I headed out early to hike in Henderson Canyon last Sunday hoping to avoid the influx of tourists here to see the "superbloom", which was just getting started. It was a cool morning and really beautiful and by the time we got back to our parking spot several other cars had arrived.

We left on Monday to spend four nights in Indio so we could attend the free and/or cheap opening days at the BNP Paribas/Indian Wells tennis tournament and by the time we drove back to Borrego Springs on Thursday even more flowers had bloomed. It hasn't peaked yet. I am going for a walk this morning in my "back yard" because apparently the cactus are starting to bloom. People are arriving by the carload to see flowers this week end, plus there's a plein air art competition in town. We are planning to go to the reception tonight because we like art and love free wine.

It was a lot of fun to take a vacation from my vacation with Susan and her friend Jan. We saw some really good tennis but three days of sitting on hard seats and bleachers was enough for me, especially since it got hot pretty hot on Wednesday. We also had a couple of really good meals and shopped at Angel View Thrift Store and Trader Joe's, two of my favorite places.

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