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Morning coffee at the airport




Vancouver to Cancun

And we are off on our next adventure to Colombia. Our departure from Vancouver went smoothly (although EXTREMELY early) and we arrived in Cancun late in the afternoon. Our flight itinerary included a forced overnight in Cancun, oh darn 𯘄. It is a balmy 26C with the occasional spurts of tropical rain to add to the humidity. Great for the skin!

We arrived at our airport hotel quickly, and before too long had a margarita and a cerveza in hand. Welcome cocktail finished we ventured out to find authentic Mexican food in the old center.

The local city buses stop right outside our hotel and we, along with countless workers, made our way into town. Being rush hour and many people just getting off work, we made countless stops along the route and dodged traffic jam after traffic jam. Quite the ride.

About 45 or 50 minutes later, our driver said Senora, El Centro esta alla (it’s over there) and pointed into the dark. We tentatively got off the bus and dodged traffic over several streets, following the incredible scent of asado (meat cooking on an open grill). We have reached our destination, a small sidewalk restaurant, Taqueria “El Poblano”.

For a mere $20US I had wine, Fero had 2 for 1 beer, the bifstek special (an incredible tasting thin steak) and 4 pastor taquitos (pork tacos). There was so much food our bellies were aching. What a great meal and exactly what we were looking for!

It is now 9pm and our bed is calling our names. We cross the street and after several inquiries found the correct bus back to the hotel. This was a VERY different ride than the one in to town. The roads were quiet and not many people waving him down for a pick up, so he gunned it and we were back in 15 minutes and very happy to tell the story! We always manage to find a ‘Mario Andretti’ or two on our vacations!

To celebrate surviving our first day in Cancun, we crossed the street to the corner store that sold wine. There were several lovely wines, however a whole bottle would be too much, and at this point we wanted something stronger! We found a nice small bottle of Don Pedro brandy for 27 Pesos ($1.50!) and said, now that’s a deal. I remember Don Pedro as the drink of choice when I was visiting my friend Sergio way back in the early 1990s. Everyone drank it with coke, as did Fero. I chose mine straight up with a piece of nice chocolate – we were only missing the cigars𯘄.

Nightcap finished, we happily fell asleep.

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