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Hi everyone!

We are in St. John's, Nfld which is such a gorgeous harbour city. It has the history of Signal Hill and Cabot Tower where Marconi sent out his first wireless signals across the Atlantic and boasts the Eastern most tip of North America.

We went to the small town of Brigus the other day...approximately 2 blocks by 2 blocks in area...and positioned on a gorgeous small harbour. It has American roots in that Cape Cod settlers moved here and their influence on the architecture is evident. There were no tourists other than the three of us walking the very quiet streets which are quaint and endearing. Some workers gave Kira duckfood to feed the throngs of ducks on the brook and it was great fun!!

We then went walking up a quiet residential street and encountered two wonderful Nfld dogs in their fenced yard. The one jumped up and was licking and kissing me (while he towered above me of course). He was so friendly, so I encouraged Kira to stand by him while I took a picture (Ryan and Monique....does this bring back memories???) Well after the dog slurped Kira, he decided he wanted the sleeve of her sweater, and grabbed the cuff through the while picket fence. We were laughing....and found it all so amusing....until we realized he had no intention whatsoever of letting it go. I had my hands in his mouth trying to pry his teeth open, but it was literally a vice grip. I called for Rob as we were now starting to appreciate the seriousness of the dilemma. The dog was unintentionally pulling Kira's arm to the ground, over the brace of the picket a most unhealthy direction. Kira was screaming to get her sweater off, which we were having great difficulty doing. Rob kept bopping the dog on the nose and carrying on to extricate the sweater, and finally....after many minutes and Kira screaming.....the dog let go.

Please see the incident unfold via the sequence of pictures.....

We spent the next 5 hours in the Emerg Dept of St. John's Children's Hospital as we thought her arm was broken for sure......again......but no, it was not so we were all relieved.

So yes, Newfoundland dogs are lovable and gentle, but.....they do love sweaters.

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