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I awoke during the night and heard the gentle pitter patter of light rain on the roof of the RV. That is sure a peaceful sound and I soon returned to that blissful state of slumber.

The rain had ceased by the time I climbed quietly out of bed around 5:00 this morning. Marilyn remained in deep sleep while I went to the living room and sat with my computer on my lap.

With no agenda at all today and the forecast calling for rain all day, it seemed a good day to work on my third book, or maybe to get the first two books published in print form. I needed to get the book cover into a PDF format to complete that project. I may need to call my friend Chris, for guidance on that little chore.

After working all day on the attempt to have both of my books published in print form, I finally gave up in frustration and called it a day.

I may have to get some help with the formatting to complete this chore.

In the meantime, I have to admit that it has been a very good day. It rained most of the day but the rain came straight down so we easily left the door and windows open without getting wet. LOL

I managed to watch a couple of good basketball games on TV and actually did accomplish some things.

This evening, we’ll watch some TV, maybe share some popcorn, and simply relax to the sound of the continuing rain.

Tomorrow the sun is supposed to shine and we’ll be seeing and spending time with some good friends after Mass.

Monday is more of the same, good food and good friends.

What can I say except to remind you that Life is Good!

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