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Leaving Scotland

Snow capped Western Highlands

Some more snow capped mountains

And again

And some more

Approaching Iceland

Icelandic Snow

And more Snow

Passing over a town

That's why it's called Iceland

We were up sharply, had breakfast and stowed the last of our things in the carryons and Nan took us through to Glasgow. It was a misty morning and we seemed to run in and out of it all the way to the airport. It was still cool - after Portugal, really cold!

Nan parked the car and we went into the airport and checked in. We said our goodbyes and Nan headed home while we went to the lounge to have a seat and a bite to eat. While there, Christine got into conversation with another couple who came from a small town close to where we had lived in Scotland. They were on their way to Dubai, then the far east for a cruise.

As we looked through the paperwork, we realized the seats we had been allocated were not the ones we had pre-booked and we would not be sitting together on the Reykjavik to Edmonton leg. We could not get back to the check in, as that was on the other side of security, so I approached the concierge, but she could not do anything and advised me to talk to them at the gate. We went to the gate and it was just opening, so I approached the agent and it did not seem to be a problem getting one of the seats changed so we were together.

We soon were on the plane and had a good flight to Iceland. It was very clear over northern Scotland and we could see the snow-capped hills. As we approached Iceland, it was completely covered in snow and we landed in bright sunshine. In our several stops in Iceland, this is the brightest we have seen it. It is usually damp and cloudy. It would have been a good night to stop and take in the northern lights!

We went into the departure area which is sadly lacking in seating and waited for our flight to be called. At least we knew the gate number and could be close to the right place. Eventually we were allowed into a holding area and after a shorter wait, we walked out to the plane and were on our last leg of the journey home.

Unfortunately, I probably ate too much, or too inappropriately and my hiatus hernia acted up and, while the flight was smooth and the staff attentive, I was uncomfortable for the greater part of the flight.

Our son, David, was there when we cleared customs and he brought us home. We chatted for a while and caught up with each others' news. After he left we more or less went to bed, leaving unpacking for another day.

Well, that concludes our trip. Portugal is to be recommended. The people are friendly and most speak English. The weather is good, especially by comparison to Edmonton at this time of year! The beaches are fantastic and the rock formations a work of art. No hesitation in recommending it as a winter destination. Christine finds the summer on the hot side, but, while I am not complaining about the winter temperatures, I enjoyed the summer heat.

Till next time....!

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