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The Forth Bridges in the coming mist

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The Firth of Forth

Well, the time has come! We did the rest of the packing and had breakfast. I was taking the last of the garbage out when I met the manager coming in. She went on up to the apartment and I was going to dispose of the trash when I heard a voice calling. Here was a couple who were obviously lost. Their English was limited, but they wanted assurance that they were in Olhos d'Agua. I assured them they were, but they wanted directions. I thought they were looking for an hotel, but no, they had come from their hotel and he showed me on the map (It was actually quite a distance away).

I think they were looking for a town centre, which Olhos d'Agua really does not have, so I suggested the beach, and they enthusiastically nodded their heads. I gave them directions and went over to deposit my bag. As I passed them, they made hand motions as to the directions they should take and I confirmed it. I just hope that was what they wanted!

I went up and Christine and the manager were talking about the advantages of the apartment and how grateful we were that she had got the chairs for us.

We took our leave with expressions of the possibility of meeting again in the future and set off for the airport. The car rental office is a little way from the airport, and I could not bring up the exact address in the GPS, so I had entered one close by - I thought. We drove for the last time through the narrow roads to the freeway and made good time. The traffic was quite light. We passed a road to the airport which I felt we should have taken, but the lady in the GPS dictated otherwise, so we continued on till it was evident we were on the wrong road. Switching the GPS to point to the airport, we headed off and took the road we had passed, which led us to the correct place. The check in of the car was quick and we were soon in a shuttle bus. We sat for a while thinking others were going to join us, but that did not happen. We eventually took off and were deposited at the place where we had been picked up. Conveniently, a couple were dropping their luggage and we commandeered their luggage cart.

The airport - like every airport, it appears, is undergoing development and the signage is not great. We missed the one sign that said "Departures" and found ourselves headed for the Arrivals area. As we turned and headed in what we though was the right direction, we realized why we had missed the "Departure" signs. They were all facing the direction we were now going, and the blank, back of the signs had been facing us as we walked away from the Departure area.

We got into the airport and joined a short queue to check in. We went through security. For some reason, my carryon caused concern and was taken back and eventually put through again. That was the extent of it however, and we put ourselves together and headed to the gate area, stopping for a sandwich on the way.

We waited for the gate to be announced then went there and we soon boarded the plane. The flight was good and we saw some snow on the hills and got a view of the Forth Bridges through the mist and we landed ahead of schedule. We texted Nan and she soon appeared at the pickup point and we were on our way to Bo'ness. It was cool and a little above freezing.

We got settled into Nan's and talked, then Iain arrived and we talked some more. We had dinner and continued to talk. Iain left and we brought in one of the cases to adjust the loads. Graeme came in while we were doing that and we talked even more.

We finished putting the items in the cases and went to bed. The next day is the last part of the way home.

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