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Alison and I enjoying our last breakfast together

My back yard view in Borrego

1. The supermarket clerk asks, "Would you like to buy a bag or will you hand carry that out?" Grocery stores (and maybe others) do not supply bags and plastic is outlawed which is a very good thing, except for losers who forget their bags.

2. You try to pay for your cheap gas with a credit card only to realize they only take debit cards and then charge you $.35 for the privilege of saving them money.

3. The window display for the store "Rough Trade Gear" in Palm Springs advertises "Premium F#$&king Gear Since 1999", only it's spelled out. I didn't go in but I wonder if the guy walking the little pink poodle shopped there? If he's willing to dye his dog he's probably up for anything.

4. There are palm trees planted everywhere in the Coachella Valley area, and it turns out they are big water hogs. Gorgeous flowers and shrubs are blooming, water features are flowing, and you would never know there's been a drought for the past several years.

I left the decadent, man-made beauty of Palm Springs on Wednesday after a Mediterranean Egg breakfast with Alison at Cafe' Jasmin. We had such a wonderful time I hated to see it end. Heading south on Hwy 86 I could see the big, sparkling Salton Sea to my left. Once I turned west at the cutoff to Borrego Springs I was reminded that this is really the desert, nothing but sand and rock outcroppings. Thanks to last Monday's rain there were signs that said "Flooded" at every dip in the road and you could see where it had washed across.

The town of Borrego Springs is as charming as ever and the beauty here is the natural kind. The desert hills are as green as I have ever seen them and the wildflower bloom should be outstanding this month. Unfortunately everybody and their cousin is coming here to see them but there should be more than enough to share.

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