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Albufeira Beach


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Christine Relaxing at Beachside Cafe

Iain Likewise

All good things must come to an end and today is our last full day here. We had breakfast and spent the morning packing. After lunch we drove into Albufeira for one last look. We stopped at an overlook which we had not been to previously and admired the beach and the view.

We drove through back streets to the parking area which we have used before and walked through the tunnel to the beach cafe we were at a few days ago. It was a bright, sunny day and quite warm, but the air was cool when you felt the breeze. We sat and enjoyed a coffee and watched the other diners and the boats on the water.

We returned to the car and headed for the apartment. I had seen a sign to a fort, and we went looking for it, but in fact it only appeared to be the name of a beach, so after pursuing some narrow roads we returned to more familiar territory and headed for one last trip to the grocery store. This was equally abortive as all we wanted was a small container of milk, to tide us over breakfast tomorrow, but all they had was the one litre size. We decided to make do with what we had.

We had dinner and Christine did some housework to leave the place as tidy as possible. I had earlier tidied out the car and shaken the mats in preparation for returning it on our way to the airport.

Well, that is our trip all but over. A flight to Edinburgh and an overnight with my sister then home via Reykjavik on Friday and that will be us for a couple of months.

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