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The boat docked we held it together long enough to gather our luggage and climb in a cab. Listen to a running commentary about the virtues of Perth. All I wanted was to be put down like a sick animal but playing the game of life am a survivor, sure my mom was praying for us. Plus I never wanted to have to tell my brothers " I GAVE UP". It was 8 am we checked out luggage, could not check in till one. The concierge once again located the nearest chemist open on Saturday and the trek began of a few blocks. 15 city blocks later I arrived at the Chemist. He took one look at me said he did not think Imodium would help we needed to see a doctor. He know one that was open on Saturdays from 9 to 12:30 but he was pricey. It was just down the hill. I could have went without him but I walked back to the bench to pick up my other half. He promptly stole someone else's cab from a hotel and off we went to the doctor. The pharmacist had given me a paper with the address and phone number. Arriving as they opened the door we both used the facilities and told our tale of woe. The doctor saw both of us at the same time. Took temps, blood pressure, weight, basically said we would live. Eat plain food. Rice, boiled potatoe, no dairy, all meat was fine. Since I was 40 kilos only take one each day 7days. Dick 2 each day 5 days. Nice Bularian doctor. The cost was 88 AUD so $66 each worth every penny. We walked up the hill to the chemist got our prescriptions and took an hour and 1/2 to walk back to the hotel. Saw the Perth mint, and several other things of interest. When we got to check in they had up graded us to a Jr. Suite. Complete with a separate bedroom, living, dining room and 2 bathrooms. We would be ready for the train.

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