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Our last shore trip Karribe National Park. Dick did not accompany me because of digestive problems. If he had been well he would of divorced me. He was saved from 4 miles of walking, in 100 degree heat, being swarmed by black flies and eating home made lunch by the community center.

I however walked down to the viewing stand to see the muddy river in the gorge and the two black swans. These was all with the company of hordes of black flys. We were given a little green switch of sorts to discourage them but they were a determined lot. Back on the bus after switching them off each other, several finished the tour with us. On to look out points high in the hills. They were beautiful, spoiled only by the uphill hike and the flies. There were people with walkers, if they could do it so could I. Wrong several of us ended up pushing them on there walker seats because all hope of them getting back to the bus was lost. On to the next and the next, bus ride, walk, flies. Do you see the pattern? Finally onto the community center where a group of women had fixed us lunch to spare us from the picnic we were promised outdoors in the park. Hallelujah! Air conditioning. They had fixed mini quiche , slaw with an unusual variety of vegetables including corn, peas,and squash. Greek pasta salad with olives, shells, feta cheese, and egg plant. Dessert was homemade loaf cake, a type of very dense pound cake. .....and then we were off on to see where the river we had followed all day emptied into the ocean. It made the sea look like a gaint mixer, the blue ocean, frothy white wave foam, and the chocolate from of the river.

It was a three water bottle day and we arrived back at the ship 20 minutes after we were set to sail. I raced to the room knowing I had succome to the cruise ,crud ,crap! For the next 12 hours we fought over the facilities. Dick was day 2 and no better. Tomorrow we had to wrangle the luggage, catch a cab to the hotel. At that moment I could not imagine doing anything but laying on the floor and having a good cry.

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