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Hills leaving Bakersfield



Airplanes at Edwards AFB

Headed into Las Vegas

Feb 28, 2017 it is a beautiful, bright, sunny day with clouds over the mountains. So sorry for all of you in the Pacific Northwest with the snow and ice. The major change in California this trip is that everything is green.

We are headed into the Tehachapi mountains on SR 58. Orange trees and date trees on both sides of the road.

We are stopping for fuel, WOW, $3.24 per gallon!!

In this area the railroad parallels the highway except at one point the Tehachapi Look. The area is hilly with lots of curves. The Tehachapi Loop is a 0.73-mile (1.17 km) long spiral, or helix, on the Union Pacific Railroad line through Tehachapi Pass, in the Tehachapi Mountains. The line connects Bakersfield and the San Joaquin Valley to Mojave in the Mojave Desert. The line, which sees an average of almost 40 trains each day, is one of the busiest single-track mainlines in the world.

Windmills on the tops of the hills.

After crossing the peak the area has turned dry and brown.

Boron Boron is named after the element boron and is the site of the world's largest source of the boron compound boric acid. Boron is home to the U.S. Borax Boron Mine, California's largest open-pit mine, which is also the largest borax mine in the world. Back in the 50’s there was show pn TV “Death Valley Days” that was sponsored by Boroxo, a product made from Borox. The logo was a team of twenty mules pulling a wagon of borite.

We have checked into the Thousand Trails in Las Vegas for the next 2 nights. Tomorrow we will head out to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

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