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Early morning sun from the apartment

Heading out

Getting going

All at Sea

The Wave


Salema Beach

Salema Beach

Salema Beach

A Cat at Salema

Algarve Chimneys


Down to the Beach at Salema



A pottery near Salema

Flowers in Lagos

A Gate in Lagos City Wall

At Lagos Castle

Entrance to Lagos Castle

Lagos Castle

Lagos Beach

Ana Beach

Ana Beach

View from Ana Beach

Azulejo near Ana Beach

Peidade Point

Peidade Point

View from Peidade Point

Lighthouse at Paidade Point

View from Camilo Beach

Arch Rock at Camilo Beach

Last Day of February and our last day for extensive sightseeing. We had breakfast, packed some sandwiches and set off westward towards Lagos. We had decided between an apartment at a golf course near Lagos and the place we are staying at. Out of curiosity we wanted to see what the other place was like. We sped along the freeway and turned off towards the address. Unfortunately the roads have been improved since the maps were introduced to the GPS and we took a wrong turn. We have found this true quite frequently in these parts where you come across a traffic circle not identified in the GPS, or, as in this case, more exits from a traffic circle than the GPS identifies. We headed along the wrong road for quite a distance before finding a place to turn and head back. We eventually found the golf course, and it certainly looked like a nice place, but much more remote from services than where we have been staying.

We returned to the ill-fated traffic circle and headed towards Salema, a place we have been considering staying if we were to return to these parts. It is a quaint little town with the requisite golden sand beach and a handful of fishing boats. It also has an abundance of cats. We had a walk along the shoreline. Some intrepid young people were attempting surfing using what appeared to be stand up paddle boards, complete with paddles. It was an exercise that seemed to have mixed results. While they did wear wet-suits, it must have been cold in these waters nearer the Atlantic than where we are staying.

We returned to the car and had our picnic lunch then headed for Lagos. We walked along the front and stopped in the square for a coffee then walked up the main street and out to the city gate and the castle. I walked a bit further and climbed up to a car park where there is a view over the castle and the town.

We walked back along the front, acquiring a tablecloth on the way, to the car. We went into the grocery store and got the few groceries we need for the short time that remains.

We drove back past the castle in search of viewpoints that overlook the cliffs and beaches here. The various outcrops of rocks are quite spectacular and give an impressive aspect to the coastline. After stopping at a few places, we headed for home along the freeway and enjoyed our dinner. We settled in for the night, sorting out our photos, reading and doing puzzles.

Tomorrow will be a quiet day, possibly going out for a short distance, and accomplishing that dreaded task of packing!

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