Hundy Tour 2016-2017 travel blog

Taxi at 9am. $16 £13

Flew Airbus 320 1.5 hours to Bangkok

SHYTE meals on board - noodles or rice some of which had 'chuen' in the title! $10 for 2! £8.04

Got greeted by pre-booked driver (PT Taxis - Trip Advisor tip) holding up a 'Tim Hundy' sign. Sped very fast here so only gave him the 1000 Baht £23.88 (this was £13 more than spending hours on buses).

Green Park Resort has a nice room with balcony & best swimming pool ever Tim says - I didn't try it as zapped but looking forward to tomorrow.

Walked downtown a 200m for supplies (fly spray, beer, marmite (£4 treat), wine, cider & por-noodles (we know how to live) then sat on balcony - nice and quiet ...few Russians about.

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