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Yolo Causeway

Feb 24, 2017 We leave Dunnigan and head south. Talked with the RV park owner and she said that a lot of the residents were evacuees from the flooding. The park was spared. As we cross the Yolo Causeway it looks like Lake Pontchartrain, there is water everywhere on both sides. I find out later that the water is now over 1 foot lower than it was.

We get to the kids and get parked. I have to say hi to all the dogs and pet them before they stop barking. Snickers bring me her ball to throw. First item of business is washing the car. Not even sure it is still red, looks more brown from all the dirt from the rain and snow coming through the mountains.

We order ¬Chinese for dinner. We only have through the air TV so watch with the kids for awhile before returning to the RV.

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