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Stores in Albufeira

Older Building and Old City Wall

Tunnel to the Beach and Blue Sea

Where we had coffee

A Cat in the Restaurat

Azulejos in the Restaurant

Albueira Beach

Swatches near where our neighbours stayed a few years ago

Azulejo near our apartment

Setting sun illuminating buildings

Another view of the dying sunlight

Another relaxing day. We had a leisurely breakfast and I finished sorting out yesterday's photos - there were a lot of them! - and updated the journal. Christine did laundry. We had lunch then drove into Albufeira to get a few things for gifts.

We walked down through the tunnel and settled into comfortable seats at a restaurant there and enjoyed a coffee while watching fellow diners, distant sailboats and the sea while a cat snoozed in the sun beneath a plant.

We walked back to the car and drove home, diverting slightly to see if we could see the development we have watched taking shape from our balcony. We did not see any way into it, but suspect it is behind a gated community off one of the adjacent streets.

We came to what we have come to regard as "home" and had dinner. As we sat at the table, we noticed that the horizontal light of the setting sun was illuminating the buildings further up the hill so that they stood out against the darker surroundings. After we tidied up we settled in for the night.

Tomorrow we plan to explore an area round Lagos where we had considered renting accommodation, but elected for this one instead.

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