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This was the best town we visited so far during the trip. The snowmobiling was great. It would have been better if it was a blue bird day. But great boondocking to say the least. We did a fishing charter and caught 40 pounds worth of salmon! Brooks Alaskan adventure Charter was awesome. Very down to earth captain and knowledgeable. He is good friends with the Hilstrands and grew up with them. He let us help him unload groceries from their ship the Time Bandit after getting back from their Opilio Crab season from Deadlist Catch. The engineer Neal and his son Axle was very real and laid back. We ended up having breakfast with him the next day and they sat next to us and his wife actually started talking with us. We didn't want to be tourists lol. They were not to into talking about the boat but they do snowmobile and ice race which was neat to find out about someone you always see on tv.

We also went by the Kilcher homestead and that was a disappointment. They probably homestead like the show back in the old days but now Jane drives a Land Rover and eats McDonald's. And uses brooks charter to do all her fishing. The boat The Huntress is on many episodes but the most recent was from this season 6 episode 6, where Jane catches the 200 pound halibut. She does real in the fish but it is all staged on the huntress boat. . Atz also eats breakfast at the diner everyday in town. Good eye opener!!!

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