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The sea was angry, lots of flotsum

Lots of surf but no surfers

Beach babe

Cruise liner's in, horse and carriage tours abound

Small local marina, blue Med sea color

Karen's inspiration

Capt. Jack or a reasonible fascimilie

Life continues apace here in the south of Spain. Last Saturday was a magnificent light and sound show with lots of rain and even reports of hail, unfortunately it was in the middle of the night so if the lighting didn't wake you the thunder certainly did. No damage to our place but the underground parking lot across the street certainly had a lot of water to pump out!

I joined a group of international expats to met folks and participate in activities in around the city. Last weekend a carnival event was planned and costumes were suggested. I meet a lady who is an interpreter from New York and a writer from South Africa both now living Malaga. It was an interesting evening, plus I won the 50/50 draw! 42 Euro's in my pocket :-)

One day this week after getting ready for the day it seems that water was shut off. After checking with neighbours, some who don't speak English. All had water and couldn't help us. But one new residence relayed that effective Tuesday water will turned off if they were not notified by the owner.....oh THATS what the sign in Spanish said, posted by the elevator! So after finally contacting our host, who by the way doesn't speak English very well either, she called the water department and found out It could be 2 days before the water is turned back on. So she moved us to a nearby hotel for 2 days. After one night in the hotel the water was back on our place and we were glad to move back.

This week we've booked another guided bus tour of a nearby town, Ronda, famous for being (another) white village, a deep gorge dividing the town spanned by a Roman bridge and it's selection of cheeses. Dale's hoping this tour will not be as exhausting or crowded as the one to the Alhambra in Granada, that would be good as I won't have to listen to the deep sighing and mumbling all day. The bus leaves from our city center at 0700 which means I'll be getting up a lot sooner than usual.

Now my task is choosing some pictures to attach, wish me luck and look for Dale to take over posting duties next month.

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