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Hazy Sun through Saharan Dust

Flowers at Ouro Beach

AUro Beach

Plants at Eulalia Beach

Flowers at Eulalia Beach

Plants at Eulalia Beach

Boardwalk at EUlalia Beach

Eulalia Beach

When we got up this morning, the sun was shining through a cloudy haze and looked like the moon. We had a relaxing morning, reading and doing puzzles. After lunch we went down to the car. Yesterday it had a light reddish dust on it. Today it was covered in a good coat of the dust. It turned out that Africa had come to us. The air yesterday and today had been hazy, and we assumed it was a mist, but in fact the wind is bringing dust from the Sahara all across Portugal and it coats everything. There is a warning out for people with respiratory problems. We have not felt its effects, except you see this film of dust on everything.

We set off for a couple of beaches that Christine wanted to revisit. At Ouro we parked on the hill and walked down. We sat and admired the view, then had a short walk. Everywhere is much busier than when we arrived three weeks ago, and more places are open. I climbed back up the hill and retrieved the car then drove down to the traffic circle and picked up Christine.

We then drove back to Eulalia beach and parked close to the beach. We had a walk along between the restaurants and hotels and the beach while Christine admired and photographed the flowers and plants. We returned to the car and drove home via the grocery store.

I set things up for the video conference board meeting I was having and Christine read. I updated the journal with the doings so far today.

After the Board meeting we had dinner and watched the news then we settled in to read and do puzzles.

The weather in Britain seems to have been really bad with a lot of snow. We were happy we were not travelling today as the road between Edinburgh and Glasgow where we expect to be next week was in bad shape and possibly closed. Between dust storms here and snowstorms in the UK, we are close to some quite diverse weather!

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