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This is our last sea day. I am happy to report that the women beat the men in Battle of the sexes trivia by one point. We each received a RC backpack, water bottle, and pen. The men were given hats. I have painted my last postcard, made my last scrapbook page, finished my book and returned it to the library.

Today in the dining room I watched a man, my guess mid seventies, throw a tantrum about turkey. He did not want the end piece of the breast he wanted them to bring out a new bird. It was explained to him that they were changing from lunch to dinner, it was about 3 pm and that all the turkeys had been carved. He did not give a rats ass about that he wanted a new turkey. Finally an officer came and spoke to him and that made him madder. He demanded all of his money back and promptly had a heart attack. When they brought out the defibrillator I left.

Today we took the all access ship tour. Wow! The bridge, engine room, laundry, food , drink storage, and the kitchen. The ship generates it's own power, recycles the air conditioning condensation, can watch doors to all the cabins, recycle everything, use three types of diesel to get the most mileage per dollar. But it was that laundry room. The sheets are put there a presser that folds them. The laundry soap is in plastic barrels, and there are different colored wheeled bins for keeping it sorted. But what surprised me most was the temperature , I imagined it very hot down there on floor 00 but it was air conditioned and not bad. It was all very interesting and a great way to spend a couple hours at sea.

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