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Port Hedland was our stop yesterday. It is the biggest iron ore mining in the world. 500 million tons a year. The equipment is huge, ships come and go loaded, and we refueled there along with being able to tour the mining operation. The ship pilot came aboard and talked of the safety, environmental impacts, and how they boarded every ship and drove them into the port. Everything is based on the tide coming in and out. Someone asked if they dredged. His answer was all that can be removed from the bottom is silt because the channel sits on smooth ledge of rock.

It was all very interesting. Although the temperature was 99 degrees and we were a smelly lot.

I managed to win half the jackpot at Bingo last night. We will have no on board bill. Hurrah! Tomorrow is Geraldton and we are going to a National park. The luggage must be ready for departure and we worked at that today. Somehow we have collected more than we came with. So we've each chosen items to donate in Perth or we will not make airplane luggage weight in.

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