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Mid December, our friend is back....

..and just as cheeky

Ruins of Floria in December, (new one now in Sabi)

Boxing day in Sabinillas

New Year's Day before the swim, Jade with Fabio & Edward, Des...

View of the pink mountain from the Lady, now white for the...

January but where????? MOROCCO!!!

Van's photo of Duquesa in the storms, February.

A week before Christmas, a wee friend arrived in our awning, as if he'd never been away...shouting for raisins or a few nuts... It's now Feb, and Blue totally ignores him, even avoids him, seems to know he mustn't chase him away.

We had a lovely Christmas and New Year, went out quite a few times with different friends we've made here. Weather very mixed but never really cold until January when we actually had snow on the nearest mountains. February so far been one extreme to the other, some scorching afternoons, but bitter nights and a long week of very high winds and rain. But at least you know it's not gong to last for weeks on end here.

Roy got us folding bikes early January. I've never been able to ride a bike, even as a girl couldn't get the hang of it so this was a last attempt. And it definitely was. Even with stabilizers I just could not balance with the result I had a bad fall and tore the meniscus in my right knee when it twisted under the bike. It's nearly 4 weeks ago. Physio has been helpful and I'm hoping to be off crutches asap as using them plays havoc with the arthritis in my hands. Should be going today but it's far too windy to get the Smartie on the roads.

Everything ok at home and speaking with the grandchildren is wonderful. Arthur often wants to phone us and he's so funny and cute it's an instant hit of happiness. Despite the not as good winter weather as usual, we wouldn't swap it for Scotland's, so we're still happy here. Looking forward to going to Morocco in May especially now Jade and Steve (+ their woofters) are coming too...

They've a huge USA RV, with 4 slide outs which makes our home look like a VW camper. Fabio is their Newfoundland, trimmed like a lion, but Edward the wee white Westie, is definitely boss. Blue is staying at Su's, as we couldn't leave him to go out on excursions etc, but their 2 boys are happy to stay home together in their air conditioned mansion whilst J & S go out. A lovely couple, we've had some great times together, glad they're coming along, Jade quite nervous about travelling in Morocco; they wouldn't have booked it alone. They're in the UK at the moment, left on Friday to take the RV back for annual service mot etc.,and get a new car (which they tow on a trailer) coming back in less than ten days, as they can't wait to get back here..

When I'm fit, I'm getting a trike, which will be great as I can then ride down to Sabi to get bits of shopping and we can all go biking together along the prom, as it goes miles in each direction, get out for coffee breaks or thing the trial of cycling did prove positively is that Blue is fine to run alongside, he didn't get in the way and was happy to go do his own thing sniffing away then catch up with Roy. So not altogether a painful experience, another life lesson are definitely too old to learn to ride a bike in your mid sixties, especially when you couldn't do it as a child..

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