Bahamas trip on Duet 2016-2017 travel blog

Sorry, somehow I used up all the minutes on my phone and and have not been anywhere that had internet until today All is good Many adventures and lots of wind and rough conditions

from Great Harbor Cay Isailed to Royal Island on the very northwest of Eluthera Fought big ships all night as it was an overnight sail of course wind strong and barely able to sail my course stayed there and then went through current cut to Gov Harbor in central eluthera. from there sailed starting before dawn to go to little San Salvador I had to keep up between six and seven knots to get there before dark seventy miles. Of course real windy hard on the wind the whole way wass really pushing Duet Side rail in the water all day great pictures will send them tomorrow Made it to Conception Island as the sun was going down Anchored in twilight windy put inflatable in water for the first time and walked on island i have run out of minutes on my phone so no weather Wind shifted around midnight and kept getting stronger where i was anchored it was great until wind came out of opposite direction concerned that i might drag into the reef directly behind me around three am picked up anchor ans got out of there to deep water Hove to in 4000 ft of water to wait for daylight and anchored on northwest side out of wind really tired too windy to go snorkeling so walked on beach and explored Woke up at 1 am to pouring down rain was perfect washed off all of the salt that had accumulated everywhere Losing power on computer will continue tiomorrow will buy minutes tomorrow forgot to bring glasses in to do this so sorry about any typos headed back out to Duet for conch dinner

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