A watercolor portrait of Bambi, painted by Sharon Foote, AWESOME ! !...

Bambi on one of her favorite beaches, Oregon

Bambi goin to bed early in Myleah's


Doesn't like her picture taken

One of the cards we received, wonderful. Thank you...

Inside a card, thank you

The Crematorium sent this wonderful poem with Bambi's ashes.

Included was this nice paw print as a remembrance !

Bambi's urn

Inside Bambi's urn

Inside of a card, thank you

Card cover, thank you

Another nice card, thank you

Another nice card, thank you

Our beloved fuzzy & furry girl was progressively ill since about Sept and became very, very gravely ill. She had intercellular carcinoma of the urethra. It's very painful for her to pee, causes blood to occur in her urine, causes her to "feel like" she has to pee often. All her vitals were in the good range, her chemistries were fine. It was her behavior that alerted us to something being wrong. It was an x-ray that revealed the problem to her doctor. We made an appointment with a local pet hospital in order to "send Bambi to heaven". Many of you, our longtime readers have enjoyed the many pictures of her running on the sandy Oregon beaches, strolling along the Appalachian trail or the time she was taking a ride in her stroller. Yes, she was a joy to have along on this ride around the country.

Bambi was born Jan 10, 2002 died Jan 17, 2017.

Bambi came to us by way of a newspaper ad. Dave had been deployed shortly after 9/11 happened. Not knowing how long she would be left alone, Rebecca saved Bambi from a terrible situation and brought her home. When Dave came home a year later, it took Bambi a full 18 months to accept Dave as the Alpha male, then she adored her "daddy".

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