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Jamie, Rebecca and Ella Rose

My great niece, Ella Rose, just an hour old

A really frosty morning, mum's garden, Bracknell, UK

Berries coated with their winter icing

Mr and Mrs Robin in mum's garden

Mr Blackbird looking for his breakfast one frosty morning

An evening out with friends, Chas, Joy, Richard, Keith, Liz, Paul, Lorraine,...

Hi Everyone

Some very exciting news. I have just become a Great Auntie. Great Aunt Liz, how regal that sounds. My sister's middle child, Rebecca, and her hubby Jamie, have had a beautiful baby girl which they have named Ella Rose. What a pretty name. Mum, dad and baby are all doing well.

I have been in the UK since the beginning of December helping and supporting my mum and sister after dad’s passing. The baby news has certainly brought a new ray of sunshine into our lives.

Being in the UK through the winter months has been interesting. I've enjoyed the frosty mornings where every blade of grass, each leaf, branch and twig is covered in a sparkling, icy coating. The frost covered grass crunches beneath your feet while the sky above is a clear duck egg blue and your breath puffs misty plumes into the ice cold air. But many days are misty and dank where the centuries old oaks in Windsor Great Park stand bare with their knobbly, gnarled branches etched dark against the slate grey skies.

I thought Spring with its warmer days was on its way as daffodils and snowdrops have started to bloom along the road sides and in gardens but I was fooled as the weather has turned really wintry with icy cold winds and snow falling from a yellowy sky. Must admit that it was magical walking through the falling snow, having snowflakes swirl around me. I watched as schoolchildren threw their heads back, mouths wide open, trying to catch the delicate snowflakes on their tongues.

In fields and along the verges there are mounds of freshly dug earth. Those blind little critters with their pink twitchy noses have been hard at work creating their mole hills. They often venture into peoples gardens and wreck their well manicured lawns! The wild birds are looking big and plump as all their feathers are puffed up to keep them warm. Mr and Mrs Robin, along with Mr and Mrs Blackbird, have been hopping around mum's garden, enjoying the tasty titbits she leaves out for them and the wood pigeons that visit are just the right size for the pot! Big, fat breasts under a coat of soft, grey feathers.

Paul has now joined me and we have taken our motor home out of mothballs and it is back on the road. For the last few weeks we have been camped in one of our favourite haunts, Old Windsor. We love the village and its inhabitants. On a visit to the village pub we heard the pub was closing for refurbishment during our stay. We were very disappointed but Paul certainly brightened when on the day it closed it became a pub with FREE beer. I am afraid I lost count of how many pints Paul consumed that day!

While camped in Old Windsor we have been catching up with good friends from our school days (gee, that was a long time ago!), from Paul's apprenticeship days, and my working days pre children, and friends from our early parenting days. It was lovely to see you all, to hear all your news and to having all those lively and interesting conversations over such delicious food. We are now on a diet for at least the next month!

Today we start our trip back across the English Channel to Europe. We are heading down to Spain as Paul says he needs some sunshine.

Take care

Liz and Paul x

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