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Special cloth napkins for the Topaz Sky Lounge

View from the Topaz Sky Lounge

Tom gets to cook - Spaghetti Bolognese sauce

Greg makes the spaghetti

Great selection of cheese

Elvis (the dog) and Anne

Their succulent garden

The extensive living room

Great kitchen

Elvis has boots to keep his feet from getting wet

Petunia snuggles. She has booties too!


The entertainment room

A gym!

Mr. Magoo - Greg's restoration

Dinner at the #2 place in SF

Dressed to the 9's

At Kokkari



The chef

Lamb chops - the signature dish of Kokkari

Anne had this delicious chicken

Back home

A Saturday excursion to the plant store




A coffee

An old Edsel

The mocked grill - does anyone remember what it was called?

Anne is so gregarious!

Picking out the potatoes for dinner. They get twice baked.



A great selection of cheese at the "Canyon Market"

A feast at home.

The meat was so tender

The view

A BART ride to downtown on Monday


Linda and Anne head to the MOMA


A few of the pieces


A huge succulent wall


He is not real, but sure looked it!

An interesting sculpture

One of Tom's favorites

Thursday, Through Monday Feb . 9 -13, 2017

After out cruise, we flew up to San Francisco to visit our son, Greg and his partner, Chuck. They live in Diamond Heights. On the first night Tom cooked for the first time in a few weeks and made Spaghetti Bolognese. Of course, this was a dining weekend and Friday saw a great dinner at the number 2 restaurant in all of SF, Kokkari.

Saturday we went to a plant store and to a gourmet market to buy the ingredients for dinner. Sunday was a food tour in North Beach followed by a grazing over the leftovers.

On Monday, we met our friend Linda Casey and strolled through the MOMA.

A taste of Tai food for Monday dinner and an early call the next morning to board the plane for home.

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