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Today we went went to Hatcher pass outside of Palmer, Alaska. Now, you would think that there would be snow in alaska but at the moment they do not have much and have not for a couple years. What a surprise, it is just like Colorado but it was getting a lot of snow when we left. With that being said Hatcher Pass just opened last week. On our way we enjoyed the sunrise at about 8:30am. When we found the trail head there were no trucks with sleds only cars with snowshoers or back country skiers. A ranger pulled up and inspected our sleds and gave us the 'do's and don'ts of the area, like to stay on the trail. This never happens in Colorado. It was good though, it helped us learn a few things. We stayed on the trail for the most part:). We found a nice bowl to play in. I fell off the sled a lot while practicing my turning. I am not used to how much power and manueverability it has. Carl loves it and rides it very well. We met some locals and tagged along for them a bit but I kept getting stuck and couldn't make it up a steep hill. At that point I was done for the day and we called it a day. Will go out again tomorrow to the other side.

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