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Anne's birthday surprise

Feb. 5 is the day


The room was decorated by the crew of the ship

Our Executive Chef does a cook out

The Captain serves dessert

A whole pig was a part of the lunch feast

Sunset at Cabo San Luca


A birthday dinner at this restaurant on the outskirts of Cabo San...

Fire to keep us warm


A great time

Anne's salmon

Cooking Tom's pork chop on a hot brick


Blazing dessert

A chocolate lover's dream

A special added dessert

The next morning

Off on the whale watching photo safari

Past the arch

Cabo San Luca's famous arch

Our ship is anchored out

A whale sighting

Up from the depths

Splashing back


That boat is very close!

OOPS! (Tom "photoshopped" this)

A fin

Straight up

Down with a splash


Sunday Feb 5, & Monday Feb 6 2017 Cabo San Luca, Mexico Anne’s Birthday & Whale Watch

Anne celebrated her birthday on board. The crew decorated our room with ornaments and a “Happy Birthday” banner, much to our surprise.

We were at sea most of the day and the officers presented a Bar-B-Q on the pool deck. Captain Jose served the dessert and the Executive Chef, Monica was at the Webber grill. The ship entered the port late in the afternoon and anchored in the bay. This afforded us the view of a beautiful sunset before dinner. But our dinner was not on board tonight. We had reservations at the famous “Sunset de Mona Lisa” restaurant a few miles outside of Cabo. We were beginning to notice the cooler weather and Anne was given a blanket to wear during dinner. Tom’s pork chops were cooked on a sizzling hot brick, table side. Anne had salmon, but her dessert was a chocolate lover’s delight that was doused in a blazing brandy sauce.

The next morning we boarded a tender for the Cabo Adventures, Whale Photo Safari. We chose this version of what watching because of the word “Photo.” In retrospect, a larger vessel with more space than a 12 seat Zodiac would have been better i all respects. Most of the action was on the right side of the boat and we were on the left. While Tom could stand up to shoot over the heads of the people on the right, the stability of the boat required Anne to hold on to him so he did not go overboard. There were many great whale broaches and tail flips - and achy backs (not the whales on that one).

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