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Master Chef outlines the class


Tom is ready





Add lemon juoce


The guacamole


Grind up

Wonderful chips



Anne has a pina colada


Add the meat



Some decorations in the restaurant

The trees become a part of the wall


Our leader


A giant iguana

To shopping

not any good stuff




back in the harbor



The flying bridge as we depart

An eruption

Friday Feb 3, 2017 Manzanillo, Mexico & Cooking Class

After our day at sea, we were ready to do some more exploring. This time, it was not so much what to see, but what to cook! Our group of twelve paired off in six stations at a hacienda style restaurant. Each spot had a cutting board, a plate of ingredients, a knife, and a mortar & pestle which was shaped like a pig and made from volcanic rock. Tom did the chopping & blending and Anne photographed & tasted, adding salt as needed.

First we made a salsa from onion, roasted tomato (skin removed), cilantro, garlic, and jalapeño. A generous squeeze of lime juice and a pinch of salt completed the recipe. All ingredients were ground in the mortar and pestle. A first taste and the addition of another pinch of salt made this the best salsa ever. Just a note: we used only 1/3 of the jalapeño and removed the seeds before blending it in. The salsa was put on a serving plate leaving a little in the mortar and pestle to blend into the guacamole.

We used two perfect avocados, and an onion with lime juice, salt and the remaining salsa for the guacamole. Tom ground the ingredients to a smooth consistency. It was delicious! We used the leftover salsa, guacamole, and cilantro to make a taco with meat supplied by the chef who learned his cooking skills from his grandmother.

We left the restaurant quite full and had a tour of the Manzanillo area including the construction and more of interest, a huge number of big iguanas. Since shopping was in the tour description, we stopped along the beach at a flea market - not the best shopping experience.

Back at the ship we watched the sunset over the busy harbor and a new mushroom cloud from the eruption an active volcano (Colima).

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