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I had Karen take this, no way was I getting this close

Raja, braver than me!

Carriage ride around town

Two doors, women had to knock on the small one so you...

Typical of the street in the old part of theMarrakesh market

Marrakesh airport, no lineups here

Coffee on the way back from a day's walking

Typical street in the old town area, mostly people but some cars

Well, I'm back again, finally found a way to get at the pictures I couldn't find before of the Marrakesh market so I've included some of those.

Not much happening of special interest, we're both able to sleep in each morning so really don't get out and about till close to noon. Everything we need or want to see is within walking distance (3-4 miles) so we do that each day. Normal lunch time here is from 1400-1600 and when you have breakfast about 1030 that seems about right.

A lot of the businesses then close till after 1800 and evening meal is usually after 2100, way to late for us Western folks, by that time we're maybe watching Netflix or sometimes on the way to bed.

Local TV had a couple of English channels featuring very old series (Walker, Texas Ranger) or some fairly recent shows of the Property Bros.

I've booked a guided bus trip to another town "Granada" for Valentine's day, costly but should be interesting and an easy way to travel, especially when parking is a big challenge in these narrow street.

Enjoy the pictures, I'll send more on the next one.


Dale & Karen

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