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Our hostel tonight. We will sleep in the basement



a way marking along the way

the trail

coming down a fairly steep hill, Dad at the back

cold beer for lunch

along the way

entering town


more trail



Today was a long day of walking-27 kms worth. We started at 0745, and ended at 1830 ish. This was too long of a day for Dad, and much too hot. I felt fully recovered this morning, and it has carried through for the entire day. Dad was proud to kick my ass the first day. I am only too happy to hand it back to him!Todays walk was mostly uphill to sort of flat, and in the shade for the better part. It looked like the end was supposed to be flat but, na, it ends uphill, and the end of the day was hot. Once we checked into the hostel, we walked next door for a beer, and this is where we had supper as well.

Dinner was great. We had garlic soup, salad, a large salad with a very nice dressing of oil and vinegar, fish with a couple pieces of potato, and an ice cream bar for dessert. And of course red wine! For lunch, we had stopped at a small market and bought large roll, sausage, cheese, and I have a bottle of mustard from the other day. Awesome lunch! We stopped roadside, and their was food truck, so we were able to pick up a couple of cold beers.

Today, Dad probably drank 6 litres of water, and I drank nearly 10, and I didn't pee all day. Of course, this is never good, and it tells the story of how hot it is here.

Tomorrow, we plan to be up at 0500 and hit the road within a half hour. It is just too damn hot, so if we start earlier, we can stop earlier. We are only averaging about 3 kms per hour. It is supposed to be a fairly flat day, and I intend to get in 25-27 kms. And so, DAY 2 IS IN THE BOOKS!

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