Pink water is a first for us..:-)

Our RV is ready to pick up, we have to wait on...

It is beautiful, but this is a bit much. :-)

A winter wonderland..

Jerry's knee for comparison..

Tree limbs touching the ground from heavy snow, some bird feeders on...


Last one!

Our RV has been repaired and is ready to be picked up, the only problem, our campsite has about two feet of snow. We have to wait and hope it melts by Monday so we can take this one back and move back into ours. We love snow, but this is a bit much. :-) This is not normal for this area, they have broken all kinds of records for snow this year. At least they won’t have to worry about droughts for 2017. I am adding pictures of how deep the snow is, it is a beautiful winter wonderland. We are looking at the temperatures in Las Vegas, Vegas is looking better by the minute.

We are having a problem with our water, it has turned pink. (see photo) The manager at the campground says it is fine, we are not drinking it but we have had to shower with it. This is a first for us, after nine years of travel, we have never had pink water at a campground. I am sure it has to do with chemicals for cleaning the water and all the freezing nights combined. It is getting less pink daily. :-) I hope you enjoy all the frozen pictures. I will let everyone know when we are finally back in our RV and on the road again. Later....

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