Anne & Tom Cruise Central America travel blog

A crazy sign describing our resort

The entrance to our building with a moat

Very modern design

The pool

Our room


The beach


Local beer

A great Cuban Sandwich

Tom is off kayaking

There he goes

Paddling in the ocean

Entrance from the bay to the Pacific Ocean

An old wreck of a pirate ship

A cruise Ship

Paddle boarding

A hilltop enclave

Our beach

An interesting sculpture

Pool at night

Lamb chops

A fabulous dessert

After dinner

Tom enjoys his Cointreau

A butterfly

Back at the beach

An enterprising beach vendor

The resort's lounges

Taking a group out for paddle boarding

Looks tippy!

Anne enjoys the hammock in the other part of our suite

Another great dinner

A morning walk on the beach

A bicycle trail

A little surf - but not really big waves in this sheltered...

A crescent beach

About the roughest it ever got


Rock and shells

More shells

A lovely long beach


A nice place for a picnic

Pool from brach end

Another sunset

Sun setting behind the hill

Long shadows


Jan 25, 2017 Gulf of Papagayo, Costa Rica. El Mangroove Resort

The next morning was bright, sunny, and warm – just what we came for! The El Mangroove resort is only three years old and is very modern with great Internet (we will be spoiled for the rest of the trip). Our “Bark Suite” is in building 2 which is entered from a moat bridge and is near all the amenities of the resort. We intend to stay on the grounds and not try to journey into any of the small towns in the vicinity. There are two restaurants (Makoko and Matiss) only a short walk from our room. Matiss is next to the long pool and lunch is served there as well as “pool” food all day. Makoko serves breakfast and dinner. So our first meal was a great breakfast at Makoko. We went right down to the beach, explored the rest of the complex, took a nap, and then headed to lunch at Matiss. I guess all we’ll do here is eat and sleep. We discovered a great lunch combination to share of guacamole with hand-made chips, and a really great Cuban sandwich - and yum, the french fries!

Tom brought his kayak stuff (not the kayak) since the resort has free kayaking right into the bay from the beach which is public and used by many of the locals as well as the hotel. While not a Swift (brand) kayak, like he has at home, the sit-on-top is typical of resorts and worked fine for the short excursion. A small cruise ship was in the bay and he paddled out to it, but could not see the name of the cruise line.

Dinner that night was delicious and we ate right next to the pool which was lighted subtly. Tom had lamb chops and Anne had snook (which is impossible to get in a restaurant in the USA - you have to catch it yourself!).

Our three days zoomed by and as we explored the bay on foot along the beach, enjoyed each sunset, and thought about the next part of our adventure aboard the Azamara Quest.

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