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This morning, once our normal coffee together was finished, we made ourselves busy getting the chores done.

I had just finished my shower when I heard Marilyn talking with someone. I recognized the voice of our friend, Richard, so I wrapped a towel around me and stood inside to join the conversation. He needs my battery charger for his truck battery so I promised to take care of that for him this afternoon.

Once I was dressed, I headed off to the Verizon Store to get my bad phone taken care of. As usual it was chaos in the store but finally someone put my name on a list and I waited only another 15 or 20 minutes before one of the technicians asked if they could help me.

To make a long story shorter, Verizon decided to replace my phone because the old one could not be turned ON. Of course they did not have that particular model in stock so they promised that I would have it delivered to our Site sometime tomorrow. It is a good thing that I had purchased insurance just last month when Marilyn’s phone also went “belly up”.

I only hope I am able to retrieve my contacts, pictures, etc, when I get the new phone.

I arrived back at the RV just before noon, so Marilyn fixed a nice salad to go with the “Grill-Mate” sausages for a quick lunch.

Shortly after lunch we had a video call from our daughter and enjoyed a nice visit with her.

I carried the battery charger over to Richard & Jane’s and connected it to one of the batteries in their truck. While the charger was doing its work, I returned home, removed the GPS from my own truck, and connected it to my computer for the annual update.

The update took nearly two hours and then I walked over to Richard’s place, moved the charger from one battery to the other, and then helped Richard move a “roll-away” bed into his storage shed.

It felt good to stay busy most of the day, or just to feel like staying busy all day!

It was a good day with beautiful weather again, and now it’s time to relax.

Life is Good!

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