Snow falling the morning we had to pack and leave..:-)

People enjoying the spa, even in the snow..:-)

The Courthouse in Reno covered with snow..


Driving through Reno..

Trucks lined up adding their snow chains for the passes..

Back home, hoping to get our RV back soon...:-)

Just a quickie update to let our readers know we are back in the campground. The snow started falling this morning while we were packing to leave the hotel. We had a great time at the hotel, driving back to the campground was quite a challenge. It looked like a blizzard while driving through Reno. We got about eight inches today, that was on top of a foot we already had. Reno does not usually get this much snow, they said it was a record breaker on the news and the schools are all closed etc. We returned to our loaner RV and enjoyed watching President Trump’s inauguration on TV for the rest of the day. Check back later for more from Reno.

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