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Martini bar

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50 -60's disco night

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not sure what she is having for dinner

silent disco


Joanne dancing to her own beat

Three days at sea now as we head south toward Mumbai. Interesting that as we pass through the Strait of Hormozgan I get a text welcoming me to the USA. Apparently American warships protect this waterway off the shores of I guess I am on their plan.

As we are at sea the morning begins in the gym. The gym here is good, lots of machines and space. After our workout and the breakfast buffet it is time to shower, get on the bathing suit and find some loungers up by the Mast Bar where are favourite server Barrington works.

It is a beautiful day, light clouds, hot and a nice breeze. After heating up it is definitely time for a cool down in the pool. More like cold down. Yikes! It is definitely refreshing and it takes Gail a long time to join Sharon and me. Eventually we settle into the shallow 4 foot deep pool as it is a bit warmer. I assume we will appreciate the temperature as we get further south.

Today poolside they are holding line dancing lessons and Gail gets right into it. However not on the pool deck like everyone else. No she is bopping in the pool. We finish off the day a bit early to go and get ready for tonight’s formal dinner.

At 4:30 we experience the Martini bar for the first time. It is definitely the hub for activity. Dressed in our finery we grab the stools on the ice table. The table centerpiece is crushed ice with vodka bottles chilling throughout. We enjoy a couple of martinis ...note to self,only one next time. We then move on to join up with the rest at the Rendezvous Lounge. Joe and Live are playing, he’s from Dublin and she’s from Manhattan. We had enjoyed them the night before so we wanted to hear them again.

From here we are going to the early show in the theatre. Tonight is a tribute to Hollywood with the singers, dancers and aerial team on the ship. They are fantastic but sadly it is likely the last view of the aerial couple, as the next morning I ride the elevator with the gurney to find the girl laid out in from of the lounge her leg in a splint.

Dinner is late tonight (almost 9) after the show with all 20 of us at 4 nearby tables. A little too late for us so we need to adjust if we want to see the show. And the next night we eat first and go for the 9 pm show instead.

I have the usual escargot and a main of a large Portobello mushroom with tomato coulee and melted goat cheese. It is absolutely delicious ..will definitely have that again. Gail has rack of lamb, her favourite, and informs us all that it is yummy.

We head back to our room early as the clock goes forward 1.5 hours tonight. It’s like we are in Newfoundland. Our rooms are on 3 while a lot of the others are in Concierge class with butler, balcony and nightly appies. So we are calling our rooms, The Paupers Palace.

Even though we are up at 8:30 it is really 7 so we decide to skip the gym today. After breakfast we assume the position and dig into our books. Shortly before lunch Barrington brings over 3 Mimosa for Gail, Sharon and I… like he had read our minds. He has all our numbers on a little 1x1” post it note so we don’t have to get our card out anymore. Late in the afternoon over comes Barrington with Pimms and Ginger beer .. I think he has us pegged.

Back to the Martini bar before dinner but this time along the frozen bar. Yes the bar countertop is frosty ice. If you don’t put you glass on a napkin it is hard to get off as it sticks. We joke about sticking your tongue on the bar and Gail double dare’s Barb.

Craziest thing is she does it … but she lingers a bit too long and the tip of her tongue is literally stuck. None of us realize it as we are all laughing so hard and then you can see her look of panic. Finally she manages to pull it off but not before leaving skin behind and drawing blood. But like good friends all that does is illicit more laughter. Fortunately the pain and bleeding only last few minutes and she is fine …

Tonight the entertainer is also good and we enjoy his raspy vocals after dinner. He is somewhere been Rod Stewart and Joe Cocker. After the show most of us head up to Reflections lounge for the 50’s and 60’s sock hop. A lot of fun and dancing ..ending the night just after midnight.

The next morning, I get up earlier and head for a walk on the track. Gail comes later after hitting the gym. And after breakfast we join Team Canada for Progressive Trivia. Pauline is now sporting a sling as she had dislocated her shoulder when bringing luggage down on the plane. Between that, Barb’s cast and damaged tongue that room is definitely the walking wounded. I am not cutting their food !!

A day poolside … nice and hot with a breeze … perfect. The after dinner show is very different… a fantasy show but with every song ever sung I swear … so very fun.

But the most fun is the Silent Disco. They give you head sets with 3 tracks ...disco, old rock and roll and Latino. You are dancing without hearing what others hear so we are all dancing to our own beat. We are all singing out loud. Take off your headsets and it is too funny. Just remember what it sounds like when people sing with headsets on…

Next stop Mumbai.

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