South 2016-17 travel blog

Good score for Mike while in Mazatlan

Liz in Mazatlan

The beach at Lo de Marcos

Our Christmas tree

The new dining tent

Christmas day brunch

Simon, Dave & Liz, Christmas eve

Walking in Lo de Marcos

Brunch at Arcilia's restaurant, Lo de marcos

Liz & Christine at Cruz Marie RV Park

David & Santa with Tequila sunrise

Bus tour in Guadalajara

Guadalajara extension to rapid transit

Guadalajara tour stop

Guadalajara scene

Lunch with Simon & Mercy, San Pancho

Rellies in La Parota, RV Park

La Parota RV Park

Liz, Simon & Mercy

Mike sharing the hat at friends 70th birthday celebration

Off to the Xmas parade, Lo de Marcos

Waiting for the Xmas parade, Lo de Marcos

Start of the Xmas parade, Lo de Marcos

Dancing horse at Xmas parade, Lo de Marcos

Relaxing at the beach

Kids getting their presents from Santa, Lo de Marcos

A mocahita meal

Entertainment in Tlaquepaque (Telakapaki) near Guadalajar

Tour guide in the Jose Cuervo Tequila brewery

Tasting the tequila, Jose Cuervo Brewery

Waiting for service in Tequila

Scene at Tequila

Bus trip to Tonala near Guadalajara where all the market type 'stuff'...

Mexican pub, didn't get chance to drop in

Unexplained site

Our home for the next few months

Wow, its way past time to have a second posting on our travel journal. Tomorrow Mike will be celebrating his 74th birthday, or maybe trying to hide it!

We had a super time over Xmas and New Year with the company of Simon and Mercy coming in from Calgary and David & Christine with a direct flight from Gatwick, England to Puerto Vallarta, new service this year. The weather was perfect, warm and sunny for the whole time. We kept the fact that Simon and Mercy would be here from Liz’s brother and he was so surprised when he saw them in the casita right next to where they were staying. Great to see, they hadn’t seen each other for 10 years.

Family meals were most enjoyable in our new dining tent which helped keep any flies or bugs away. Liz deserved a great big ‘thank you’ for her efforts in organizing meals, social activities, etc.

After Simon & Mercy departed for Calgary, the four of us took a trip to the city of Guadalajara, staying right in the centre of the ‘area historica’. Lots of walking, double-decker bus riding and trying out various Mexican restaurants. On the way back to Lo de Marcos, we took in the town of Tequila taking a tour of the Jose Cuervo tequila brewery and of course tasted the product.

After all the relatives returned to their homes just after New Year, we have been settling in to ‘normal’ life here in Lo de Marcos. The weather so far this season has been wonderful with the occasional humid day to slow us all down. A dip in the warm Pacific Ocean, a cerveza under the palm trees in a beach chair, usually does the trick.

Happy New Year.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Mike & Liz

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