Trip journal for 2016 -2017 travel blog

We were in Pasadena just before the Rose Bowl and saw them...

Rose Bowl ready

We didn't realize how expensive it was to sit in the bleachers!

We did a little Christmas shopping at one of the outlet malls...

At the outlet mall. Everything was decorated so beautifully.

Had a picnic lunch at the beach one afternoon.

Loving the ocean.

Here we are above the clouds at Mt. Laguana.

Corinne looking over the clouds.

Mt. Laguana was so awesome.

Corinne and Ed took a little hike while we were up there....

Taking a break from the trail.

The weather was lousy but we had a great day. It actually...

Strolling through Little Italy in San Diego on my birthday.

Stopped for a photo op in front of the Christmas tree in...

Loved these two trying to read the menu with their cheaters on.

What a fun surprise to have Corinne's friends join us for birthday...

Strolling around downtown Coronado Island.

Another stroll along the sidewalks of LaJolla.

Lots of other folks enjoying the LaJolla caves.

Beautiful shoreline at LaJolla.

The harbor seals napping on the beach at LaJolla.

Photo op at LaJolla.

We enjoyed looking around Torrey Pines Golf Course.

The golf course was so beautiful.

Another photo op. We also had a drink at the outdoor bar.

This is the Mormon Temple of San Diego.

Looks like a fake background but it was really that gorgeous.

All decked out for Christmas.

Our place in the desert at Quartzsite.

We so enjoy being in Quartzsite.

Last campfire for a while.

Welcome to Sunflower RV Resort. Quite a difference from Quartzsite.

Ready for more fun at Sunflower RV Resort in Surprise, AZ

Christmas has come and gone. My birthday has come and gone. We said goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. We said goodbye to Corinne and California and hello to Arizona. Life moves so fast sometimes I have trouble keeping up. Don’t you wish that some moments in time would last longer. But, of course, there are some moments you wish would speed on by so I guess you just have enjoy the good ones and know the bad ones will pass too.

Our last weeks in California were spent enjoying some of the sights and spending time with Corinne. We visited Coronado Island, drove up to Mount Laguna, took a leisurely drive along the coastline to LaJolla to see the coves and harbor seals, had a drink at Torrey Pines Golf Course and walked around the beautiful Mormon Temple of San Diego. We got to spend a good amount of time with Corinne and even had a small after-New Year party with her friends. I was surprised on my birthday when we had dinner in Little Italy and Sarah, Carlee, Moni, and Lindsay showed up to help me celebrate. We are going to miss them all.

We decided to take I-10 to Arizona so we could stop for a few nights in our favorite desert spot - Quartzsite. We spent 2 nights there before we headed for the Phoenix area. It is still as beautiful as we remembered but because it was a few weeks before the big RV Show, there weren’t as many rigs parked in the desert and it had a more peaceful feel. We always love going there regardless.

Our trip east was uneventful and that is a good thing. We arrived at Sunflower RV Resort just before dusk and got all set up before it got too dark. We are already busy with lots of activities and getting reacquainted with the friends we have met here. We are still looking for all the sunshine and blue skies that we normally see here. Our weather has been unusually cool, cloudy and rainy. I’m not complaining because we are not shoveling snow or scraping ice.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2017 with lots of longgggg happy moments and very few (or at least short) bad moments.

Till next time.......................................................

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