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Oregon Coast on a wet rainy day

More coast

Highway 101

Odd deer antlers. Maybe he should be called Lefty?

Elk in Elk Valley

Battery Point Lighthouse at low tide

Mary bundled up. Raining and cold walking to the lighthouse

Mike checking for tide pools. This is right before he slipped. I...

Crescent City CA Pier

The coast is so dramatic during storms

Driving into the Redwoods National Park in the rain

Mike stands by a downed Redwood tree, Mike is 6 feet tall.

Sometimes we walked through the trees

Mike had my camera and took this picture of the Stellers Jay.

Mary at the Big Tree

Mike at a huge root ball. These trees have surprising shallow roots.

A small tree takes root on an old log

Our necks hurt from looking up so much!

Mike and Mary checking out some trees

Ferns and moss growing on a log

And moss in the trees

Small things grow here too, like these mushrooms on a log

Two trees from one root

Mike, the tree hugger

Can you see Ewoks on speeder bikes here?

Mike and I at the Redwoods

It was still raining buckets. All kinds of high water records were being met, and beaten. We kept driving south, hoping to get out of the storm, but it was so big we were still in it. Just past the California State Line we crossed an area called Elk Valley. Yes there were elk there. All over some peoples yards. A lot of elk! I wonder who has to clean up after all that!

We drove on to Crescent City, California and it was still raining. We found a city run RV park called Shore Line RV. We were thinking we would like to camp right on the edge of the bay, but the wind was still very strong so we pulled in at the farther end of the park, away from the water. We got the camper situated and jumped into the car for a little drive.

We went to the Battery Point Lighthouse. It is a cute little thing on a little tiny island. You can only get to it when the tide is low. Well the tide happened to be low, so off through the rain we went…and got there about 20 minutes after it closed! But we got an up close view of it. It has people who actually live there. They must have fun timing things like bringing in groceries. And I don’t imagine they get pizza delivery!

We took a day to explore the Redwoods National and State Parks. Here is where films such as “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” (picture Ewoks riding speeder bikes), “The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)” and Kirk Douglas’s “The Big Trees” (1952). Many of the roads were closed due to the possibility of falling trees, but the rangers told us a couple of a hikes we could do. What a beautiful place. I have always like hiking in the woods in the rain. The colors are enhanced and the ground is soft. But here, the trees were gi-normous!!!! Even the ferns along the trails were huge. There is nothing like an old growth forest. Absolutely amazing.

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