Our site #30 on Naval base Gulfport

Our steps from the deck system

used by themselves, hooked to the top step

of the trailer step system. We really like these steps.

Well after a rough start to our journey, we've recovered well and are back on the road. Of course, we're all smiles putting on the miles!

So it was, out of the Tallahassee RV Park and turned west on I-10. Though the drive of 337 miles to the Naval base at Gulfport, Mississippi was longer than we usually drive we had fun seeing the countryside and views out the window.

We stopped here for two nights, giving us a break from the road. Whew !

You'll see pictures of the extra steps that we use for our short stops. They are the Port-A-Steps from our Port-A-Deck system. We purchased the Port-A-Deck several years ago and love it. The flexibility to use the steps with the deck or just the steps, is great. The steps are made to "hook" over the top of your existing steps to give you very much easier steps up to your coach. Notice how wide the step width and depth. For us who are getting alittle older, like Dave, the trailer mfr steps are somewhat dangerous for us. Don't let the possibility or actuality of a fall pull you off the road. What motivated us to buy our Port-A-Deck? We have both witnessed a person falling out of coach AND both of us have caught the toe of our shoe or something while coming out. That great big grab bar next to the door becomes a "YIKES bar"... For more information go to: info@rv-co.com

The system is made in the Dallas, TX area by RV'ers for RV'ers ! ! !

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