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Monday we meet Dan & Sue at Golden Carrol. They were in Kenwood last year for a month. It was good to see them

Tuesday we both had appointments at the Dermotolagist. We found out we both have skin cancer but it was the best one to have it's slow growing. So now we are waiting on a time to get them removed in San Antonio. Linda had won $25 gift card at the New Years party for Tony Roma so we stopped on the way home. It was a really good meal I had Ribs and Linda had Shrimp Pasta.

Wednesday we went to the Dog Racing with Dick and Deanna. Our fool proof system didn't work very well. We won $21.40 but we also lost $22.60 I guess that's a good day for us at least we didn't lose it all and it was fun.

A cold front moved in Friday it went from 70 down to 38 degrees. Saturday moring it was 29 degrees then it warmed up to 40. The good thing it will not last long most cold fronts last 3 days then back to the 70's & 80's.

Friday Dick and I went to the Rio Grand Livestock center. They were having a mustang auction not the car but the horses. The Border Patrol put on a small demonstration with there horses which had been wild mustangs. They will be in the Inauguration Parade in Washington DC. We didn't stay to long it was freezing cold.

Saturday I went with Dick & Bill to the RC cars racing in Alamo Tx. There were 2 more people there from our park. They all run there cars on 2 different tracks. I was on the pit crew which invovled getting putting them back on the track or setting them upright if they turned over. It is fun to watch I'm still trying to decide if I need one.

We had entertainment at the park Saturday night and it was really good. We sold 50/50 tickets for the park which is a win for us we get in free. If you know me you know I like that word FREE. Before the show Gary and Doris went with us to Cattleman's to eat we decided it really not that good but that's us.

We visited Dave 3 times this past week and everytime you see him there's an improvement. He's standing now and hopfully walking soon.

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