Hundy Tour 2016-2017 travel blog

Tim took me to the Doctors which was recommended in The Lonely Planet.

Chan Clinic 98 Main Bazaar. Very chatty, friendly & good.

Advised lump is a harmless cyst & suggested Papaya something-or-other might make it less sore... 30 Ringgit £5.44 well spent!

A cyst is same as a pimple but on skin not face.

Took Black shorts back & exchanged for Sarawak Longhouse T Shirt for Tim £6.51

And 2 pieces of fabric to Asia Fashion House up Jalan Carpenter.

Lady could hardly speak English but said she'd me 2 skirts for 80RM £14.44 ... ouch but going ahead.

Got some Tiger Beers for later & tomorrow 6.50 Ringgit each £1.18

Walked to Adrian's apartment Ariva 15th floor (has swimming pool,jacuzzi & steam room - Adrian is paying 4200 Ringgit a month. £760)

Adrian, Danielle, Jerome, Dori, Cheryl, Dzue,Chris, Anne, Meen, Peter


All the Malaysian girls & Mag made a 'pot luck' meal which was amazing

Anne gave us a lift home in her posh car. Anne is a lesbian who used to be married to a politician with whom she has children.

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