Hundy Tour 2016-2017 travel blog

Walked up shops opposite the river, Bought 3 pieces of fabric for 50 Ringets £9.04 the lot (really love it!)

and some baggy batik trousers 35 Ringets £6 (which Im not sure now ack at the hotel!)

Donn't like the sweaty black shorts I got yesterday daren't tell Tim.

Tim went over the road to watch Star Wars at Cinema. I took Baggy Trousers back and got 2 more pieces fabric paying just 3 ringgit more so they were £6.50 for 2.

Drunk Monkey, met Adrian, Dori & Jerome. Massive Chinese parade went right past where we were sitting.

About 12.30pm while asleep, the whole bit of ceiling that the curtain rail was attached to fell down! Tim took a photo on tablet to take to reception.

Got moved 2 rooms along but better view.

A bit concerned about lump under my arm but thing may be rucksack related - will monitor.

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