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Marilyn couldn’t sleep much last night because of the pain and itching from the bites of the fire ants she managed to stand in a few days ago.

When I climbed out of bed at 6:30 this morning and saw her on the sofa, I felt so bad.

I dressed and took off driving to the Walmart in Penitas, where I purchased several anti-itch products for her. I also grabbed a couple of breakfast burritos and two large coffees before heading home. She says the Benadryl Gel is working and she hopes to get a good night of sleep tonight.

Right now she can’t wear socks or shoes so we might not go to Mexico on Saturday. That is ok because I want her to wear shoes for sure. LOL

I walked across the street this morning to visit with our friend, Richard. Jane took advantage of my visit and went off to have breakfast with some of the other ladies here at Retama.

We were sorry to hear that the creator of the Red Solo Cup, Robert Hulseman, passed away. We have certainly enjoyed the song and the use of our own red solo cups over the years. Many wonderful memories are stored away in our memory bank, related to the friends we have spent time with while lifting one of those cups in the air.

Marilyn & I spent our time this afternoon reading and relaxing. In fact we were so relaxed that we were about to fall asleep when a sudden, loud knock on the door startled us. I opened the door and was surprised that the person had disappeared but left a box from Amazon.

I was so happy when I opened that box to discover a wonderful birthday gift from dear friends from Waco, Texas. It was a pair of Mr Thai hiking poles, an extremely strong but lightweight, carbon-fiber product which makes walking or hiking much more pleasant. In fact, I soon headed out the door to test them out. They were wonderful and very helpful to a person like me who tends to stagger around sometimes. No, it’s not from drinking adult beverages, but rather because my sense of balance isn’t what it used to be. LOL

Tonight we’ll watch some TV and head to bed around 10:00, looking forward to sleeping with our windows open, with a gentle breeze drifting across the bed.

Life is Good!

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