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The best thing which happened in our world today was that our friend, Chris, helped us to restore our e-mail to normal. He discovered that the person who hacked us was having my e-mails forwarded to an e-mail almost identical to our own. With the change of one letter and clicking a “Forward email to” button, our e-mail was going to a new address.

In any case all is well now thanks to Chris.

Now I’ll let you in on the bad part of this experience. I was awake at 1:30 in the morning and began thinking about this computer hacking. Being afraid that I was going to waken Marilyn, I sneaked out of bed and went to the living room where I picked up my computer to see if I could discover the problem. That was all to no avail so I picked up my book to read, and finally fell asleep in my recliner. I must have slept for 45 minutes before waking again, but the chance of getting any real rest was gone.

I did finish my book which had some real insights about hiking (backpacking) for more than 2000 miles. As I read of the author’s post-hiking thoughts, I compared it to the feeling we have about the full-time RV life. I will write about this subject in a day or so.

This afternoon, I grilled several hamburgers for a late lunch. Marilyn had prepared deviled eggs and we enjoyed sort of a picnic. I must mention that we served a healthy portion of that “Cowboy Candy” with the burgers. The sweet jalapeno relish which was a Christmas gift from the grandkids, was indeed quite spicy but oh so delicious.

Our temperature reached a balmy 86 degrees today, with humidity fairly high as well, so we spent part of the day inside and part of the day outdoors, enjoying the weather.

Life is Good!

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