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Sunrise from our 5th floor balcony

The beach view from our 5th floor balcony

The Master Bedroom with Jacuzzi tub and walk-in closet

The aroma of morning coffee wafting from the fully-equipped kitchen to my...

The clean beach had rough surf and warnings of undertow

Local fishermen knew how to cope with the surf to throw their...

Walking less than 1km northeast to the San Jose Estuary -- a...

Javier's Sunday breakfast omelette kept us from being hungry most of the...

No need to choose the full Brunch -- Javier's Huevos Rancheros came...

Sunday, November 6th: The gang's all here

Weather: high 80s and sunny with a light breeze

Route: to the beach and to the supermarket

Sis and her husband are members of the Diamond Resorts Timeshare. They used their points to reserve a two-bedroom suite that sleeps 6. The member couple claimed the master bedroom with the jacuzzi tub and private bathroom. The young couple (wife arriving today) took the remaining bedroom. Since I was the 5th wheel, I opted for the fold-out couch in the main kitchen, living and dining area of the suite. We were all free to use the master bedroom's walk-in closet, including the wall safe in it.

Knowing what an insomniac and early morning person Sis is, I requested that she not start the coffee until 6:00 local time so I could sleep at least that late. She kept her promise even though she was awake at 6:00 EDT/3:00 local time. (Pittsburgh "fell back" to standard time this morning so technically it was 4:00 local time but my body was still on EDT.)

We started the day with the double glass doors fully opened onto the balcony, watching a blazing sunrise while we drank our morning beverages and ate fruit from the complimentary bowl on the dining room table. Before the sun got too hot we wanted to get out for a walk on the beach. The surf looked too rough for a casual dip. We were warned that this beach had a dangerous undertow. Occasionally we saw a fish suspended in a wave as if it was in gelatin. Local fishermen were in the surf casting their nets, skilled at avoiding the undertow and throwing the net at the same time. We walked not even 1 km northeast to the edge of the San Jose Estuary, where a fence protected a rectangular turtle nesting area. We had seen large bird footprints in the sand but from the lookout tower we saw only ducks and Coots. Oh yes, and mosquitoes.

Where does this water originate?: The San Jose Estuary is fed from the Sierra de la Laguna Mountain Range. Most of San Jose del Cabo's water is provided by this mountain ecosystem. Although a desert habitat dominates the coastal area, above 4,000 feet there is abundant rain supporting forests of pine and other conifers as well as the animals that live there. A large portion of the range is now a protected Biosphere Reserve because of its importance to the agricultural and tourist industries of Los Cabos. Hotels help conserve by using recycled water to water plants and hose down dusty areas.

Why is the mountain range called Laguna?: Laguna is Spanish for "small lake". According to a legend of the Guaycura people who once lived in this region there was once a laguna in the mountains. It was a sacred place where the Guaycura people would meet to worship their God, Guaymongo. When Spanish explorers and Missionaries began arriving the Guaycura opened canals and drained the lake so the outsiders would not find their sacred sites.

Time to find some breakfast. We chose the resort's Javier Restaurant. We could have opted for the huge Sunday brunch. Instead we ordered menu items: delicious omelettes, fruit and huevos rancheros, which were just the right amount of food.

The group had agreed we would fix breakfast and most dinners in our suite and eat lunch wherever we happened to be during the day. Although the suite's full kitchen was well equipped with cookware, there were no staples like sugar, salt, flour, etc. We would need at least enough groceries for dinner tonight and we were not going to find those items in the resort's small convenience store. It was almost noon when we decided to walk the 1.3 km west to La Comer Supermarket for breakfast, snacks and dinner groceries. What is that saying about only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun? No worries! We all had good hats, plenty of sunblock, sturdy walking shoes, water bottles and backpacks. La Comer offered everything we were looking for, even good choices in organic or at least healthy products. Thankfully, the walk back was only 1.3km. We checked out with a bit more than we had intended to buy, including several bottles of wine and a huge watermelon. Young Laddie added the watermelon to his pack, since it was his idea to buy it. We were very proud of ourselves for managing to carry everything back to the resort, although the two men had the heaviest loads. When we arrived, Young Laddie, a movie buff, quoted a movie line "I brought the watermelon." which he then had to explain was Baby's rather lame line from the movie Dirty Dancing. (How he remembers this stuff is amazing!)

On the way home we stopped at an ATM machine so I could get more pesos. I thought I pushed all the right buttons. My card was returned but no pesos were dispensed. It worried me enough that I called Hubby to ask if he could check whether the amount had been deducted from our account. He noticed the email from our card company alerting us that someone had used our card in Mexico and suspected that the bank had denied the withdrawal until they received approval from us. Hubby said he would inform the card company that purchases from Mexico would be valid and promised to look for the deduction after a few hours. The weather in Pittsburgh was sunny, so he was washing the windows.

Still not hungry after the big breakfast, we broke out some snacks while discussing and booking a Cabo Pulmo snorkel tour for tomorrow and a sailing tour for Thursday, working around commitments our Diamond Resorts couple had on Tuesday. Now it was definitely too hot to be anywhere but the shady Serenity Pool. Soon we were cool enough to move to the sunny pool where a pool attendant offered cool cucumber eye rounds and cold, scented facecloths as we lounged near the pool.

Too soon it was time to leave the pool to start cooking the chicken, potatoes and broccoli for dinner while we snacked on goat cheese, crackers and jicama -- a new food my friends were surprised to taste. Sis took over in the kitchen with her usual efficiency and skill. I stood by as Sous-chef, helping when needed. Young Lass arrived on schedule by 18:00, in time to join us as we enjoyed our meal and a glass of wine together. Considering the kitchen conditions, the Chef was commended for the delicious, moist chicken and tasty broccoli. There was just time for a short sunset walk on the beach after which Young Laddie (the most technically savvy of the group) and I went off to the resort's business office room to print our confirmation for tomorrow's tour. Printer problems delayed us so much that Sis's husband and Young Lass had finished washing the dishes and cleaning up by the time we triumphantly returned. Us two night owls stayed up to chat after the others retired. I set my alarm for 6:00 so we could all be in the lobby for our 7:15 tour van pickup.

Today's compatibility assessment = A, based on consideration of other biorhythms, valuing safety precautions, cheerfulness during adverse conditions, teamwork and liking broccoli

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