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Dave is contiuning to improve hopfully he will move to a rehab place today. He was out of bed and set in a chair Monday.He was talking and back to his old self picking on Linda.

The weather contiunes to be great temps in the lower 80's. The weather guessers say a chance of drops several mornings and guess what they were right. It did drop 20 to 30 drops of rain.

The Christmas dinner was really good I think there were 140 of us there.

The Dog track down here has started dog racing again. They had stopped before we got here 6 years ago. I am sure we will go sometime. We have gone in Flordia several times in the last 30+ years. We have a fool proof system for picking a dog to bet on. We each pick a dog if there name means anything to us. Then we put $2 to win on our pick. We don't win much but we don't lose much.

There were around 10 or so musicians at the music jam yesterday playing and singing. They really do a good job.

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