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Saluwesi papparazzi

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Ibu weaver

Every gal on their front yard, learn or you cannot marry


This mud hooch gets the floors done in dung


Always wanted to go to Lombok! Lombok is totally different from Bali. Bali is all Hindu, which is really weird in a Muslim country. Lombok seems like Bali probably was 20 years ago but its Muslim instead. This gives you mosques...or mini mosques which I have dubbed...mosquitos...and lots of cats. You don't have that in Bali, will get to that. We wended our way through rice paddies, dodging horse and carriage along the way...and of course, scooters and motos. Made our way to a weaving village. Don't bother trying any Bahasa, these guys all speak Sasak! This weaving is more rustic than the bigger Thai operations...and these guys weave right outside their rustic hooches....although some tvs were seen said hooches.

Fun enough, we run into a bus load of locals from Saluwesi. They think we are the most interesting thing since the microwave and proceed to take pictures of us, with us, etc for a good ten minutes. We wind up hugging on the aunties and uncles after a while. So amusing! Really, we are just old Ang mos!

We visit an old village preserved for our enjoyment, except Stasia trips out of the car and falls like a side of beef on the ground. Sounded horrible. Fortunately, no broken bones and she put a brave face on it and lived to tour another day. The village huts have clay floors which get buffed with buffalo dung. Nice polish and it reminds them of how important the buffalo is to the farmer as Indo John Deere for the rice crop.

We wound up on a pretty nice beach, so no other complaints!

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